Writer director Habib Faisal tells the story of foes turned lovers – Parma (Arjun Kapoor) and Zoya (Parneeti Chopra).

They are young, hot blooded; they come from a family of politicians; the gun is the only toy they know and they are both equally aggressive. It is refreshing to see Zoya, a Muslim girl set in an unorthodox context. For her father, she is the star daughter. Instead of ebbing, the father pushes her aggressiveness and even proclaims that she is his true successor – this over her two brothers who are shown to be little better than dimwits.

Zoya plans her father political campaigns – the opposing candidate being Parma’s grandfather. Parma, whose father passed away when he was young, has to prove his mettle in his male-dominated family. He knows Zoya is better than him so he feels that has to tame her. That being difficult he plots the love angle. He cons her into believing in his love and finally she gives in. His idea is to marry her secretly and then bed her. She opposes to marriage initially but he talks her into it.

It is after bedding her, after making her what he calls a ‘prostitute’,  he threatens to blackmail her. She has to keep quiet and let his grandfather win the elections or else he will make her shame public. Her immediate reaction is to go and kill him. She reaches his house but gets caught by his mother who in an attempt to reform her son forces him to keep the marriage and his bride alive for his family would surely kill her.

What follows thereafter is a love story often told. They elope with their gun-wielding family behind them. Zoya convinces Parma that her father will accept them. But her father is dead against this and would prefer to kill them both. In the end both the families make a deal to kill them and close the matter. To gain their last victory over their families Zoya and Parma kill each other.

The girl is feisty and talks her mind. There is no taming her and the director-writer doesn’t even try to do that. Zoya flows with the certainty and uncertainty that a young woman deals with. Her confidence was in her father’s love who in the end betrays her. While Parma is told what to do Zoya knows what has to be done.


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