Ek Main Aur EKk Tu


The film begins with the hero Rahul (Imran Khan), losing his job. He doesn’t want to tell his parents who at that time are visiting him so as to avoid upsetting them. He bumps into Riana Braganza (Kareena Kapoor), a hairstylist (note: a new profession for women characters in Dharma production after it made its debut in My Name Is Khan). Riana is in between jobs, has little or no money (little money to buy things, no money to pay rent), is just out of a relationship and is a free spirited soul who has few hair strands coloured red to signify the aforesaid free, bold spirit.

They meet again at a psychologist’s clinic where Riana gets into an altercation with Rahul and ends up walking out with his patient info card. She invites him out for a drink and they end up drunk enough to get married. What follows then is the wait to annul the marriage in which Riana moves in with Rahul as she is awaiting for a money transfer from home.

During this time Riana shows him the fun side of life – how not to be uptight. Rahul falls in love with Riana while she is just in love with life. The end is done unconventionally where they don’t live happily ever after – they just remain very good friends.

I wanted to like Rahul but something kept me away from him maybe because I didn’t want to mother one more person. Maybe that’s what kept Riana away from him too. And just when I was easily sailing to the end comes the scene after Riana apologises to him, she is sorry if she ever made him feel that she too was in love with him. Rahul says it’s okay and now he is ready for a new life as he has settled scores with his parents and he is ready to move on. In that moment of affection Riana puts his hand over his shoulder and then Rahul turns a typical male and says, “Ek toh itna kareeb baithathi ho aur phir bolti ho mein lead kab di”.

Reminded me of the age old and mother of all quotes from the father of all family plus social plus romance movie from the Barjatiya’s “Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhie dost nahi ho sakte” (Maine Pyaar Kiya) and I can confidently say that it only applies to men.

The movie has no significant moments but in its way it has moved a little ahead in characterisation without making a noise about it. The scene where they visit a psychologist just too offload their over worked mind is new for the Indian audience. It changes the conventional thought that psychologists only treat ‘mad’ people, hence the deliberate use of world psychologist instead of shrink in the movie.  Also when Riana in a slip of tongue says yes when asked by official who is taking care of the annulment of the marriage whether she has had sex. This does away with the conventional idea of a virginal lover.

Even the otherwise eye popping scenes are treated in a casual manner to remove the unwanted attention and bringing a fine subtlety like when Rahul and Riana are sharing the bed like friends, Rahul respecting Riana and giving her the space she wants. There are no moments where the camera lingers on her body or the male character’s gaze does.


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