The hero men love…

By Jigna Kothari

One of the symptoms of living a subject for three years is that you just don’t know when it is over. The book is out, we are on our next project but still the emotional connect is yet not off. Love the aftertaste. The feeling one gets post a heavy workout yes we did that and yes, we will do it again.

Last week I saw the Homi Adjania directed, Imtiaz Ali and Sajid Ali written love story Cocktail.
The curiosity to see the movie was definitely because it was written by Imtiaz Ali and added curiosity was thanks to Homi Adjania who after directing the dark movie “Being Cyrus” had broken out of his hibernation for this movie. This in itself was an interesting cocktail for the writer in me.

In Cocktail the woman who has just been duped of her savings by her husband who had promised a glorious life in London is Meera (Diana Penty). But this Meera seems true to her friend Veronica (Deepika Padukone). Veronica and Meera share an almost enviable relationship, both are independent, both single and both extreme in nature. In their world men should be incidental.


It almost is, till they forge a friendship with a certain flirt I-am-handsome-and-all-women-are-made-for-me Mr Gautam Kapoor (Saif Ali Khan). This tendency of all-women-want-me seems to be a perennial Hindi film hero problem. The day the hero sheds this trait he will become as true protagonist.

The men in the audience were happy being in Gautam’s shoes reacting with a certain pleasure in the penultimate scene where Veronica gets closer physically to Gautam and confesses she wants him physically and emotionally. There was a certain kind of laughter in the men of audience showing just how grown up men are. Yeah, they are just as mature as Gautam who decides that with Veronica it is an open, no tension relationship but he wants to marry Meera as he is now looking forward to come home and have a hot cooked meal. While as a woman I cringed when Gautam said that, I was equally amazed at the easiness of Veronica confession.

The only complaint I have with Imtiaz is with the character names.

If only Veronica was called Meera.
Let’s not hide behind Veronica.

More about Veronica and the question of ‘What’s in a name’ in the next post….


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